Safe, effective and natural treatment for hypothyroidism

Top Quote Do you suffer from fatigue, have difficulty losing weight, or have you even been fully diagnosed with hypothyroidism? Looking for a safe, effective, and natural solution? Read on for more information! End Quote
  • Denver, CO (1888PressRelease) April 30, 2010 - Dr. Scott Isaacs, a naturopathic doctor and chiropractor in Arvada, Colorado, is currently seeing success with patients suffering from hypothyroidism. Patients are experiencing drastic improvements in health in the span of a few months, including decreased fatigue, clearer skin, fewer headaches, and better ability to concentrate.

    Dr. Isaacs is able to bring patients back to health with two practices. First, he lays the foundation for health by recommending free or inexpensive home treatments and lifestyle modifications. These treatments and modifications can often, purely by themselves, bring about drastic improvements in a patient's overall health. Second, he identifies specific organs or organ systems that may be the root cause of a person's illness. Dr. Isaacs then uses a therapy called biotherapeutic drainage to help those areas of the body heal.

    Biotherapeutic drainage is a treatment based on combination low-dose homeopathic remedies. It was developed in Europe in the 1930s by medical doctors trying to treat tuberculosis. But it has since been used successfully to treat many types of disease. Biotherapeutic drainage (or simply drainage) can be considered a type of detoxification. However, unlike many detoxification treatments nowadays, which detoxify the body as a whole, drainage can pinpoint exact areas of the body and detoxify them. When this is done, the organs are no longer held back from proper function by these toxins, and they heal naturally.

    You can think about it this way: Imagine that you are riding a bike. As you ride, imagine that you take on some heavy baggage, and pedaling your bike becomes more and more difficult. Then if you begin to bike up a hill, biking becomes even more difficult. You slow down, you get leg cramps, you start to swerve across the road, and you have trouble maintaining balance. In the end, maybe you fall, potentially injuring yourself. To make things easier, you could do one of two things. You could give the body good food and water to help it function better. This helps, but the heavy baggage is always there, and riding will continue to be difficult. Or you could remove the baggage, making biking easier, regardless of whether you have food and water or not.

    In the body, toxins (the baggage) drag down different organ systems (the bike rider), keeping them from functioning optimally. If they can't do their job, then disease results. If we use biotherapeutic drainage and clear toxins from organ systems that are having difficulty functioning, they begin to work more effectively. And if one organ system improves, the rest of the body reaps the rewards, and health as a whole improves.

    Dr. Isaacs says, "Biotherapeutic drainage is the most exciting therapy that I have encountered since I started practicing, and I have been thrilled so far by the results on the patients I have seen." He is particularly excited about its potential for helping people with hypothyroidism. The patients with hypothyroidism whom he has seen recently have improved significantly within the first few months of beginning treatment, and many of his colleagues who have been working with biotherapeutic drainage have been able to get their patients to the point where they can safely discontinue their medication.

    If you or someone you know in the Denver area is suffering from hypothyroidism and wants to move away from drugs or bioidentical hormones, consider the whole-body benefits that biotherapeutic drainage can bring! Dr. Isaacs is currently taking new patients, and he would be thrilled to meet with you and address your health concerns - safely, effectively, and naturally!

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