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Rxlink Information
  • Jude P. Jean Pierre RPh
  • P O Box 996, Appleton WI
  • Phone: 920-809-6488
  • URL: https://RxLinkPharmacy.net
  • RxLink Strategic Health Care Innovations and Pharmacy Consulting Services. Serving Hospital Pharmacies and Retail Pharmacies nationwide. RxLink also provides Affiliate Pharmacy Services to Hospital and Retail Pharmacy Clients. www.RxLink.biz
    RxLink is a Registered Trade Mark of RxLink LLC ...
Rxlink Press Release -


  • RxLink Has Selected QS/1 Pharmacy Management Software
  • RxLink has selected QS/1 Pharmacy Management Services as their Pharmacy Management Software for RxLink Pharmacy Services.
  • With the emphasis on service, RxLink has selected QS/1 as their Primary Pharmacy Software Vendor. But why QS/1? Jude P. Jean-Pierre, RPh, FASCP, Found ...
  • October 30, 2017