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  • Mark Wessel
  • URL: http://www.rptoys.ca
  • RP Toys is a privately held company that has been actively involved in the Canadian toy industry for 20 years as both a distributor and a manufacturer of quality toys. The company has been the driving force behind the successful launch of dozens of popular toys in Canada, including Mad Gab, the original Tribond, Micro Pets and Spring Float and continues to distribute such classic products as Etch-a-Sketch and Slinky.
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  • This Little Piggie Is Coming Soon to a Store Near You
  • Teacup Piggies and Piglets - The Hottest Trend in Interactive Toys Fashioned After the Latest Craze in Celebrity Pets - Now Available in Canada.
  • Mississauga, Ont - Want to jump on the latest craze and get your kids a teacup-sized micro pig like Harry Potter star Rupert Grint, the Beckhams, Par ...
  • September 09, 2011