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  • R.J. Rahman
  • Phone: (404)542-4397
  • URL: http://www.RJRahman-Books.com
  • RJRahman-Books is a small business the exports and markets books that clarify cultural misconceptions. Bringing the history of the African and African American. The people into the 21st Century
    The first book that this company has produced is entitled: Black Hair In the 21st Century Poetry That Gets To the Root of the Matter. This book is "the first book of it's kind that goes back 20,000 years and chronicles Black Hair history" in poetry. It's also the first book that addresses the Don Imus Controversy...This book sumarizes Black Hair beginning at Pre-History, Antiquity, Colonialism, Slavery, Civil rights, and on into how Black Hair is viewed today at the beginning of the 21st Century
Rjrahman Books Press Release -


  • R.J. Rahman Author, Clears Up Dark Mantis Internet Talk Show Correspondence
  • The Dark Mantis Internet Talk Show "Press Releases" Are Fine Except for Two Critical Typos. One Being the Date of the Airing of the Pre-Taped Show, and the Other Being the Last Word of The Authors Book Title.
  • The Dark Mantis Internet Talk Show is a "Wonderful" show indeed. It's a talk show were guest speak their minds and put fourth their very own unique pe ...
  • November 05, 2010