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  • Rikoshe
  • URL: http://www.rikoshe.com
  • Rikoshe is a mobile-based online contest platform that features a new game of the day every 24 hours, free to play, where top scores win real prizes daily, with no gimmicks. Rikoshe develops and curates a wide variety of innovative and creative games, delivers those games within its app on a rotating daily basis, and rewards top scorers each day with cash prizes. Rikoshe is based in Oakland, Califonia, for more information, please visit www.rikoshe.com.
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  • New Mobile App Launched to Mainstream Competitive Gaming around the World
  • Available now, the Rikoshe (pronounced "Ricochet") app offers casual gamers a unique and rich daily experience by featuring a new, fun game every 24 hours within the app, completely free to play, without the traditional gimmicks of in-app purchases. Instead, players have the opportunity to win cash prizes each day when they are one of the top scores of the daily game.
  • Oakland, CA - Rikose has amassed a large portfolio of unique and creative games in several major categories to give its users a fresh daily experien ...
  • May 21, 2015