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Ridepal, Inc. Information
  • Dominic Haigh
  • San Francisco
  • Phone: 8775822722
  • URL: http://www.ridepal.com
  • RidePal provides shared commute bus services to companies. With RidePal, commuters enjoy a swift, comfortable, relaxing and productive ride to work, and companies provide a valuable employee benefit, reduce their carbon footprint, and can extend their recruiting range. Commuting as a Service comes with little management overhead, yet feels like an in-house solution to its users, all for a fraction of the cost of driving or of operating an entire fleet of buses. For more details please visit www.ridepal.com.
Ridepal, Inc. Press Release -


  • RidePal Commuter Bus Services Between San Francisco and Mountain View Now Available To Any Company
  • Today RidePal Inc. announced they have added commute bus services between San Francisco and Mountain View to their Commuting Service program. Companies of any size can now offer the same commuting benefits as the largest companies, in luxury, wifi-enabled buses.
  • RidePal's unique shared model means any company can reduce their carbon footprint, extend their recruiting range, and offer a valuable employee benefi ...
  • February 15, 2012