Revolutionary "Hands Free" Lock and Load Training Device Produces Immediate Gains Strength, Targets Core Muscle Groups and Minimizes Injuries to Small Joints.

Top Quote Revolutionary "Hands Free" Training Device Produces Immediate Gains in Strength, Targets Core Muscle Groups and Minimizes Injuries to Small Joints. The 'LOCK AND LOAD' by HIRT Fitness Allows True Vector Functional Training. Forget Everything You Have Learned About Exercise. The Lock and Load Has Shifted the Paradigm! End Quote
  • Miami, FL (1888PressRelease) February 07, 2012 - HIRT Fitness, the Miami fitness company has created a proprietary 'Lock and Load' fitness system. The Paradigm Shifting 'Lock and Load' adjustable suspension strap allows hands free training.

    According to Ronald DeMeo, M.D, its inventor and Spinal Surgeon, "the Lock and Load can add resistance to and vector plane of movement while isolating the core and while bypassing the smallest most venerable joints of the body".
    Think about this. When you go to the gym nearly every piece of exercise equipment requires you to load your wrists or ankles to perform the movement. We load our smallest/weakest joints that are the furthest away, to train our chest and glutes. Not only inefficient and ineffective, it's dangerous and places significant strain to our smallest and weakest joints. By training hands and ankle free you can reduce joint injury and train more comfortably.

    Most sports use the hands and feet to grasp an object while the core in engaged to deliver the power more effectively.

    You are a lot stronger than you realize. The back and chest are a lot stronger than we can train and as a result we get a poor posture and our wrists and elbows will fail before your chest will. In fact once you are hands free, the wrists and ankle joints are bypassed and the core is more effectively engaged. Most athletes have learned how to engage their core when performing a movement. The Lock and Load uses this same principle allowing you to immediately increase your power by 50 to 100 percent or more!

    Most exercise routines make the athlete move a weight against gravity. This fixes the plane of movement and it forces the movement to be in an up down only plane. This promotes a one-dimensional motor pattern and can undermine the body's ability to perform. Athletic movements such as those used in MMA, Yoga, Boxing, Football, and Golf are not straight up and down but use their hands and engage their core in a series of complex multi-planer movements. No machine has ever been able to match these movements until now.

    The 'Lock and Load' can be used in almost any training technique, sport, and any location.
    Best of all, its affordable, dependable, portable, comfortable, and easy to use.

    Physical therapist and athletes have used the lock and load alike. Whether your sport is MMA, Zumba, TRX, Boxing, Cross fit, Yoga, Pilates, football, basketball, boxing, or body building, the Lock and Load is for everyone.

    About HIRT Fitness
    HIRT (High Intensity Repetition Training) Fitness, with headquarters in Miami, is a developer, manufacturer and marketer of advanced fitness equipment and training systems. For more information, visit

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