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Top Quote Reverse Representation is a new concept to focus on satisfying customers needs with world best economical, technical and ecological solutions. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) July 25, 2009 - What is Reverse Representation™?

    In an Interview with the president of the NOBEL Corporations: NOBEL Service Supply, NOBEL Representation, NOBEL Management and NOBEL Marketing we, talked about a new sales concept which is called Reverse Representation™.

    Q: Dear Mr. Barmann, can you please explain the background of Reverse Representation™ and why you feel it is a new and successful sales model leading into the future?

    A: There is basically no sales person in this world who does not get taught or told: “Offer what we have.” This counts for production companies as for distribution companies. Sticking to a predefined product program offering and procedures is what most companies do. With the concept of offering what one has many successful companies got developed and spread around the globe. But it is surely not the king’s way and there are other ways to go to market. The NOBEL Corporations focus on industrial goods, to explain our sales concept of Reverse Representation™ a bit more graphic, let me add some consumer goods examples. When we go to McDonald’s we have a choice of a predefined menu, standard set quality and predefined procedures. McDonald’s does a perfect job replicating their concept worldwide, and so far no competitor was able to come close. Other companies like Nordstrom surely offer a predefined range of attire when we come to their stores, but if we want something else, they take a note and notify us when they have available of what we defined as our requirements. The Nordstrom concept is closer to what we call Reverse Representation™. Our focus are goods that are used in the industrial arena. Hence we go and visit clients at their site, and together with the customer define application needs and best fitting solutions. To satisfy and service all application needs, we put together a client case-based-offering (kind of a long word). As a result, Reverse Representation™ provides open minded application and supply chain solutions, contributing to our customer’s success in the areas of application needs, product fulfillment cycles, installation time, and implementation costs.

    We bring experiences of worldwide proven products, services and manufacturers to match the local requirements of our customers. At times, we go and work with custom made products in other cases we are putting together an offering, based on standard goods we can take off the shelf at either manufacturers or distributors. For us, customer needs are always at the forefront of all our actions, and there is no limit given to ourselves of how to fulfill those.

    Q: How did you develop and trademark the concept of Reverse Representation™?

    A: Let me talk about the example of NOBEL Service Supply, LLC who services the Electrical Installation Market with wires, cables, cable trays, and many more products. After working for years in the same business area for manufacturing companies, I constantly saw the limitation of making a complete product program offering at the clients site. We basically focused on what came out of our catalog or manufacturing capability. Therefore we captured only a fraction of the market. In many cases, our limited product program offering was a competitive disadvantage and offered an opportunity for other companies to take the business from us by offering a wider range of goods, reducing the clients process work for the purchasing, scheduling and planning. The procedures of companies with a rigid product program offering companies usually focuses to achieve excellence in their operation by optimizing cost structures and workflow. Cost control seems to be a predominant measure running such companies. At NOBEL Service Supply we are very competitive by providing innovative offerings that fit the best technical, economical and ecological application solution with: Wire and Cables, Cable Trays, Connectors, Cable Assemblies, Automation Products, Electrical Installation Products and more. Where electrical installation solutions matter, we provide an offering that makes the difference.

    To obtain a trademark for the concept of Reverse Representation™ we worked with the US patent and trade mark office and obtained our final registration and publication on November 4, 2008 with the serial number: 77450476. The fact, that we were able to obtain the trademark registration demonstrates that we invented another way of sales service to clients that will lead us and potentially other companies into the future. For people interested in obtaining consultancy or sublicensing in going to market with Reverse Representation™, the best is to contact NOBEL Management (866) 455 4520.

    Q: What do you see as the major challenge to roll Reverse Representation™ out to market?

    A: Every team is only as good as their players. Hence, finding people who never provide no as an answer to the client is a key challenge. Through all our socialization and life experience it shows that we are the key limiting factor ourselves by our thinking of what is possible or not. At the end of the day we can do everything for our clients, but when one person states: “we cannot” they are surely right. The inner paradigm of peoples’ “cannot” attitude is the key obstacle we face and encourage everybody in our team to never use the phrase: “cannot”, even when they feel like it. Instead of using the term “cannot” we encourage them to call one of their peers or colleagues in our company to discuss the individual requirements and how to make it happen.

    We are thanking Mr. Barmann for guiding us into a new world of a sales and marketing with Reverse Representation: Putting the customer first in all actions of the company is refreshing and we wish him and his companies a successful concept launch.

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