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  • Paul White
  • Pacific Business Centre, P.O. Box 34069 #381
  • Phone: 74343434433
  • URL:
  • Established in 2010, REFOG Inc. specializes in the development of software-based computer surveillance systems. Its user monitoring solutions range from simple personal keystroke monitoring products to corporate-level, distributed surveillance systems allowing administrators to track employee activities on a number of workstations. The company serves the needs of private customers, small and medium-size businesses worldwide.
Refog Press Release -

  • Monitor Anyone Using Your Computer with REFOG Keylogger
  • REFOG Keylogger is the ultimate computer surveillance tool, allowing you to monitor the activities of anyone using the computer while you're away. It also runs in stealth mode so that no one even needs to know that it's running.
  • REFOG has just launched version 8.0 of its popular keylogger software for Windows. Providing a user-friendly GUI with a familiar set of controls and a ...
  • September 08, 2014