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  • Founded in late 2018 by George Haymaker III, Re:THINK Ice Cream is a Napa Valley-based ice cream
    company that values eating healthfully while still satisfying the consumer%u2019s need to feel indulged.
    Re:THINK is the %u2018Healthier Ice Cream that Actually Tastes Good%u2019 with added health attributes, such as
    A2/A2 Dairy, lactose-free, no tummy discomfort, collagen, all-natural ingredients, diabetic & ketofriendly, gluten-free, whey isolate protein and more. Re:THINK%u2019s mission and founding principle is to
    give back to the communities they serve, support worthy causes, and find ways to help those that are
    struggling and can%u2019t advocate for themselves.
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