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  • RayZLight is an IT & Books site while GUI&GI is a Non-Profitable Org.
    This here adv on the fiction book written. Kings of Hades took 6 years to complete but the next book planing to finish in lesser time.
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  • New Book Released in the Suspenseful, Mysterious and an Action Packed Crime Thriller - Kings Of Hades
  • The story genes maybe of an old skin of yesteryear's but when creative images which got conceived early; but got time to write: "A man's struggle to untangle himself from the shackles of pain & humiliations; He fought the odds with the basic instinct of a human being to prove his worthiness to those around him."
  • Author, R'Ocean Thomas; is pleased to announce the release of Suspenseful, Mysterious and an Action Packed Crime Thriller. This is the first book in M ...
  • September 22, 2014