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  • Rand Soellner Architect is the World's leading custom luxury home architect, with projects across the USA and abroad. The firm has a specialty in mountain homes and luxury residential design, wherever the project is located. Green Design and Green Architecture are watchwords of Rand Soellner's practice and the firm is a leader in Energy Conservation approaches and Environmentally sound practices in their home architecture. Rand Soellner Architect also has a related group of professionals the design and engineer Mountain Themed Resorts. www.randarch.com
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  • Se Habla Green - Leading Custom Home Architects Green Design Checklist
  • Se Habla Green. Rand Soellner Architect Understands & Speaks Green Design Here. These Are Custom Home Architects Using Energy Conservation Methods and Green Design Philosophies for Sustainable Architecture and Healthy Homes. Some of These Will be Shared With You in Green Home Architects Checklists. This is the 1st in a Series.
  • Rand Soellner Architects, Cashiers, NC, USA www.randarch.com

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