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  • Marcony Dicousta
  • 4570 Eucalyptus Avenue, Suite D, Chino, CA 91710, 4570 Eucalyptus Avenue, Suite D, Chino, CA 91710
  • Phone: 1-909-606-2655
  • URL: http://www.rainchainsworld.com/
  • Rain Chains World has created an innovative and unique device to protect your rain gutter from clogging or prevent gutter clogging. Rain Chains World offers homeowners an affordable and low-maintenance protection for Rain Gutters %u2026. Introducing for the first time our Copper Gutter Reducer Adaptor with Filter to block the flow of debris into the Rain Gutters / Rain Chains. No longer do you have to clean each up individually. With the purchase of our Pure Copper Gutter Reducer (adaptor) we will provide you with a Copper Filter which collects the bigger debris like petals, straws, twigs, etc and let pass smaller ones like seeds, insects etc.
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