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  • Joy Lewis
  • Phone: 9165009006
  • URL: http://www.RafaSelase.com
  • Rafa Selase Music company is a record label that produces and markets acid jazz, jazz fusion, soul and alternative hip hop artists. The most recent projects are a music blog, which talks about the evolution of music, music history and poems about life.
Rafa Selase Music Press Release -


  • Jazz Fusion Artist Highlights the 54 Top Protest Songs and Political Songs Ever Produced
  • In celebration of Independence Day, find the 54 most important protest songs ever created. A list of the greatest political songs ever produced by some of musics most talented artists. Includes a powerful playlist of songs about freedom, equality and justice for all people.
  • Many believe that the right to protest is what makes America one of the greatest nations in the world. Although there are many ways to protest, histor ...
  • July 04, 2018