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  • Daniel Parisi
  • 701 E. Warrington Ave, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Phone: 4125736116
  • URL: http://www.j2medical.com
  • J2 Medical was founded in 2007 in Pittsburgh, PA. J2 specializes in proprietary medical device sales as well as capital equipment sales. J2 Medical is best know for their patent pending scaling device known as the Akucal-which has become the preferred choice of the worlds largest hospitals, specialty clinics, and private practice facilities.
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  • J2 Medical Achieving Titan Status in the Radiology Accessory Market
  • J2 Medical, LP releases their second new product in six months-the Gymie Titan x-ray panel holder.
  • J2 Medical, LP, founded in 2006 as a radiology product development company, is making a mark in the radiology accessory market releasing their second ...
  • February 26, 2013