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  • New Surfing Kite Makes Other Sport Kites Outdated
  • Power Kites Direct offer the best surfing kite sale prices on kitesurfing kites, sport kites and power kites because they deal direct with the factories and pass the savings on to the customer. These power kites are used for kite lessons on both land and water.
  • For those taking kite lessons with kitesurfing kites, this new surfing kite saves time, money and frustration. According to John Anderson of powerkit ...
  • September 26, 2009  
  • Power Kites Direct to Donate Trainer Kites to Groups that Work with ADD ADHD - Kites as Therapy
  • In an effort to help kids with ADHD, Power Kites Direct is donating 10 beginner kites to groups that work with children diagonosed with ADHD. The aim is to allow kids to improve hand to eye coordination by focusing on achievable goals. These small tasks include manuevering a 2 line trainer kite to different areas of an imaginary clock in the sky (eg. moving the kite from 11 o'clock to 12 o'clock).
  • The inspiration for the project came about from a news story about Michael Phelps. Several articles wrote that although he had problems in school beca ...
  • July 08, 2009