Pocket-Sized Electronic Muscle Tester for Consumers Allows On-The-Go Food, Product and Subconscious Testing

Top Quote The Touchstone is the uniquely portable dual-functioning microprocessor-controlled personal electronic muscle testing device designed to test a body's physical response to foods, products & supplements or one's emotional response to a personal statement, by storing & comparing 2 thumb pressure readings showing whether the response is beneficial, detrimental or neutral through green, red or orange. End Quote
    QuoteThe Touchstone is the easy-to-use mind and body tool that fits in the palm of the hand. Everyone could benefit from one - and it won't break the bankQuote
  • (1888PressRelease) September 19, 2012 - Today, Santa Cruz, California-based health tool developer Vitascans ( announced the renewed availability of the Touchstone, the world's first dual-purpose Electronic Muscle Testing (EMT) device ( see video ) for the mind and body, designed for the healthcare professional and well priced for the the health conscious consumer. This portable microprocessor-controlled, two-ounce and two-and-a-half-inch disc, is based on the principles of Applied Kinesiology (AK) and was developed in response to the growing number of people who want to have a better understanding of their bodies and have more control over their health and wellness.

    The Touchstone tests not only an individual body's physical response to foods, products and supplements, but also gauges one's emotional response to a personal statement or thought. The Touchstone stores and compares two thumb pressure readings to indicate whether a person's physical or emotional response is beneficial, detrimental or neutral, determined through the flashing of green, red or amber lights.


    The TOUCHSTONE can indicate how your body is likely to react to a particular food or product.

    Many 'fast foods' contain hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, dyes, chemicals and unhealthy fats, as well as large amounts of salt and bleached flour and sugar.

    Although organic foods are generally healthier than conventional food, some brands may be more suitable to an individual's system than others. Also, an individual's system needs often change day to day, so while a person may require, or benefit from a particular food one day, the body is likely to have other needs the next day.


    Subconscious decisions are made by using the emotions and what 'feels' right. Many believe that the subconscious is where the truth of what one wants is seated, because the body intrinsically knows what is good for it.

    The TOUCHSTONE indicates how the body physically reacts to a conflictive issue, subject or choice.

    When the TOUCHSTONE reads RED as an individual makes a statement, such as, "I enjoy what I do for a living," or "I am living up to my full potential" this indicates that an individual's subconscious, or true feelings are likely in the negative. If the GREEN lights flash when an individual makes a statement, then the true feeling is most likely a 'yes.' If the AMBER lights flash after the test, then the subject's subconscious feeling is most likely neutral.


    Once the one/off button has been pressed, a single orange light will flash. Then the Touchstone is set to one's personal level of strength (described in the simple instruction booklet ) and a single orange light will flash. When the center button is firmly pressed, until the flashing light remains solid, then the user picks up either a food or vitamin and then presses the center button again until either 'red' lights appear, suggesting that the substance is potentially negative, or 'green' lights appear suggesting that the product is beneficial, or 'orange' lights appear suggesting that the effect is neutral to the body.


    The Touchstone development team included, Franklyn Eventoff, the inventor of the force-sensing resistor and Peter Mackeonis, an international consumer design and marketing professional for over 25 years for companies such as: GLOtoSLEEP, YAHOO!, Triangle Publishing, LG, IBM, Atari and Commodore Amiga.


    Applied Kinesiology (AK) is an alternative medicine practice used for diagnosis and determination of therapy. According to practitioners using Applied Kinesiology techniques, it provides feedback on the functional status of the body. In 1979, George Goodheart, the Founder of Applied Kinesiology, accompanied the US Olympic team to Lake Placid, NY in the XIII Olympic Winter Games, as the first official US Olympic team chiropractor.


    While primarily used by chiropractors, muscle testing is now also used by a number of other alternative health practitioners. Many medical doctors, nurse practitioners, dentists, naturopaths, physical therapists, massage therapists, nutritionists and nutritional supplement distributors use this technique. In 2003, it was the tenth most frequently used chiropractic technique in the U.S, with 38% of chiropractors employing this method and 13% of patients being treated with it.

    Pressure Sensitivity: 5 User adjustable levels
    Diameter: 2.5 in. (6.25 cm)
    Height: 0.5 in. (1.25 cm)
    Composition: lightweight plastic
    Weight: 1.75 ounces (46 grams)
    Battery: 2 X 3V lithium CR 2032
    Battery life: 2,000+ tests (battery-saver technology)
    Communications: on-board USB port (not accessible through case)
    Other: RoHs compliant

    This invaluable tool for both mind and body is made of lightweight plastic and comes with a natural muslin drawstring bag and is so small and compact that it fits easily into a pocket or purse. It complies with strict RoHS standards, has no cords or wires and uses two lithium CR2032 batteries that last for thousands of tests and which can be easily found at any drug or hardware store.

    The Touchstone is currently available in the US for $99.95 until September 30th, 2012. (From October 1, 2012 the price of the Touchstone will be $149.95)

    Touchstones are available through our international resellers:
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