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  • Alzbetka Katuscakova
  • URL: http://wwwplus421.org
  • The 421 Foundation pursues a mission of enhancing relations between the Slovak people and foreigners by showcasing the cultural richness of Slovakia to the World, and by creating opportunities for mutual beneficial interaction among Slovak and foreign interests in the cultural sphere and beyond.
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  • The TENTH Annual Slovak Fashion Night
  • The TENTH Annual Slovak Fashion Night will be held at the new "mega-club" Club Ibiza NYC in Manhattan on September 18th. Guests and industry professionals will have an opportunity to indulge in a fun-filled fashion show and an after-party in tandem.
  • The TENTH Annual Slovak Fashion Night celebrates its exciting jubilee during New York Fashion Week - Spring / Summer 2016. The signature event of the ...
  • August 04, 2015