PlayerAuctions' Analysis of LoL's Rune Reforged Update

Top Quote An overview of the Runes Reforged update of League of Legends (LOS). There are six runes, five paths, and players can choose two paths. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) December 06, 2017 - League of Legends' Runes Reforged update will revolutionize the way runes work. With the update, players may now customize runes for their playstyle. The new system combines mechanics of both runes and masteries into one. It gives players a choice of five paths to follow, each path suited to certain play styles. Players can choose a primary or secondary path to complement the first. It's easier to understand and customize than both the former systems, which was a bit of a pain to follow and difficult to balance.

    How It Works

    With the update, players can bring only six runes to battle. The first is the Keystone, what is practically the cornerstone of the build the player is using. The next is a Major or Greater Rune, the second strongest rune that can complement the Keystone rune. The rest are Minor runes, two that have the same theme as the other runes, and two from another theme. These themes are also called paths, and each path specializes in a certain playstyle.

    The 5 Paths

    1. Precision: increases damage output and gives boosts to survival that can be activated by dealing damage or taking down enemies.

    2. Domination: deals with burst damage, increasing the effectiveness of a hero’s abilities.

    3. Sorcery: increases the effectiveness of abilities, but its other benefit is mana/resource management.

    4. Resolve: is the path for tanks since it provides several boosts to durability and gives additional crowd control options.

    5. Inspiration: various almost cheat-like effects and abilities.


    The secondary path increases an aspect of the primary. Picking a secondary with Precision as primary increases attack speed. If the principal is either Domination or Sorcery, the bonus is toward Ability Power or Attack Damage (Adaptive). Sorcery as primary gives a more significant bonus than Domination as primary. For Resolve, it's bonus health. Finally, with Inspiration as primary, the boosts become for potion and elixir duration, and another bonus depending on the secondary.

    A Preview

    The update won't go live until November 8, but players can plan with this builder. Even though there are still some runes that are not finalized, the general feeling of planning which runes to aim for is there. At any rate, this new system will revolutionize runes for good. Now, players can focus more on the battle, collecting gold for LoL Items that they need.

    Make sure to watch this space and follow official channels for more information on the Runes Reforged update!

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