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Pisiq Information
  • Mohammad Nihal
  • 5 31 A St, Dubai, Jumeirah
  • Phone: 971552662123
  • URL: http://www.pisiq.com
  • PISIQ is an R&D firm that conducts research in the fields of Artificial intelligence, Intelligent Hardware, Security & Business Intelligence.
    PISIQ%u2019s solutions begin with intensive research conducted on human psychology, using that highly capable complex task solving but intuitive state of the art systems are built.
Pisiq Press Release -


  • PISIQ operations made public
  • PISIQ - A Research and Development company with multiple patents will operate publicly from now on.
  • Dubai: PISIQ today announced that PISIQ will be operating openly, The research and development based services will be offered to corporations and gove ...
  • September 03, 2020