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  • Diego Reilly
  • URL: http://www.piscologia.com
  • Launched in 2008, Topa Spirits, LLC is a 100% women-owned producer, importer and wholesaler of Piscología Pisco Quebranta and PiscoLogía Pisco Acholado.

    The company is committed to brand excellence, uncompromising quality and consumer satisfaction, as well as the responsible advertising, marketing and use of Piscología Pisco.

    Topa Spirits, LLC deeply values relationships with retailers, distributors and venues that champion innovation and integrity, and cater to a progressive consumer base.
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  • PiscoLogia Peruvian Pisco Celebrates Gold Medal
  • PiscoLogía Quebranta Wins Gold Medal at the Women's Wine and Spirits Awards in London.
  • PiscoLogía Quebranta, a single-variety Peruvian pisco made from quebranta grapes, won a gold medal at the the most important wine and spirits competit ...
  • November 17, 2019