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  • Amrinder Singh
  • #44 B.N. Khalsa Complex, Sirhind Road, Patiala
  • Phone: 09416041313
  • URL: http://piim.info/
  • PIIM is the leading Digtial Marketing institute and firm. It's been 10 years we are in this field. We deal with number of clients and all are satisfied with our services. We don't make false promises and gives the best results.
Piim Press Release -


  • PIIM awarded as the best Digital Marketing Company from Patiala
  • This article will depicts the information about the success history of the PIIM Company. Also, the award win by the firm.
  • PIIM is one of the leading Digital Marketing Company in Patiala. It's been 10 years we started our journey. In 2010 we start as a online firm. But now ...
  • May 14, 2020