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  • Allen Johnson
  • Qt No S/1/27 Unit- 1 South Development
  • Phone: 9163122177
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  • PhaZZer IP, LLC. (%u201CPhaZZer IP%u201D) has terminated its exclusive intellectual property licensing agreement with PhaZZer Electronics, Inc. for PhaZZer® brand products related to PhaZZer Electronics importation, manufacture, sale, and distribution in the United States. PhaZZer IP has elected to move forward with executing intellectual property Agreements with four NEW licensed suppliers in the United States on a non-exclusive basis. These NEW Licensees will be fully authorized to use PhaZZer IP%u2019s intellectual property to design, develop, manufacture, import, distribute and market PhaZZer® products, including the new, redesigned, single shot cartridges under the PhaZZer® brand.
Phazzer Ip Press Release -

  • PhaZZer cross compatible ammunition is back challenging the Taser monopoly
  • PhaZZer Dart Probe Ammunition Cartridges designed with Law Enforcement in mind. CEW weapon cross Compatibility with many of the Taser & PhaZZer weapons
  • PhaZZer's recent introduction of four New Licensed Distributors for CEW and Ammunition supply to United States law enforcement will bring an end to th ...
  • October 21, 2018