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  • Phyllis Caddell
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  • Established in 1996, PCPR is an entertainment, sports, and lifestyle communications firm specializing in media relations, personal branding, digital marketing and communications consulting. We cater to organizations and individuals in mainstream and faith-based industries. We also provide workshops for the Do-It-Yourselfers and provide PR tools as books and blogs for the more adventurous clients who have the energy and time to do the legwork for their product or service. In addition, PCPR provides ghostwriting services and self-publishing consulting for the independent author who has amazing ideas but no time or writing skills but is interested in releasing a traditional book or E-book.
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  • Former NFL Dallas Cowboy Darryl Clack Brings SportMetric Football to El Paso, Texas
  • The SportMetric Youth Football Camp offers a fresh take on football instruction and training through ACA Model of Excellence (Academics, Community involvement, and Athletics) to stress the importance of academics and safety. Certified and designed to minimize human error and ensure results that are accurate and uniformly measured they utilize the latest digital technology.
  • On the heels of a traumatic life-threatening illness, former NFL Dallas Cowboy and University of Texas at El Paso alumni, Darryl Clack will bring Spor ...
  • June 21, 2018