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  • Daniel L Rappaport
  • 21400 Burbank Blvd., #117
  • Phone: 3236003580
  • URL:
  • About the%uFFFDLegend%u2026
    Pazzaria Productions is a brand new fantasy entertainment company.%uFFFD Our focus is on the guest experience, in terms of being based on a specific place, or location.%uFFFD We will be succeeding in creating 100% immersive, experiential entertainment projects.%uFFFD This website is our beginning, in that it expresses a particular time and place that we find heartwarming.

    %u201CThe Legend of the Lost Rose%u201D by Daniel L Rappaport is an up and coming interactive iPad novel. %uFFFDThe promotion on the home page is the first incarnation of this grand adventure.

    Please partake here,%uFFFDenjoy, and welcome!
Pazzaria Productions Press Release -

  • azzaria Productions, Epic Fantasy Entertainment Company, 
Reveals Secret Project
  • It’s called “The Spellbook” and was referred to as “A Hub”. The reason why is because this spectacular iBook, which is being distributed, for free, exclusively through iTunes is a bridge between all three of Pazzaria Productions’ works.
  • These are The Spellbook, Spark the Flying Frog and The Legend of the Lost Rose.

    Staying true to our mission statement of everything tha ...
  • May 21, 2018