Paul Chehade Unveils Concepts For Republicans And Tired, Bored - More Of The Same

Top Quote In my view the choice that has the people to the Republican leaders saw and heard what has happened in this primary eternal, expensive, ridiculous and absurd is this, I ask you to read and compare concepts, there is only one truth. End Quote
    QuotePaul Chehade is dedicated to serve the less fortunate around the world, with no distinction of race, ethnic group religion or gender.Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) February 09, 2012 - Distinguished Fellow,

    In my view the choice that has the people to the Republican leaders saw and heard what has happened in this primary eternal, expensive, ridiculous and absurd is this, I ask you to read and compare concepts, there is only one truth.


    Paul Chehade:.
    Candidate for U.S. Presidency 2012.


    Contestants who have been most likely after the recent primaries have been pronounced, but not very clearly for immigration policies that would support in each case. THE SUM OF ALL, DO NOT GET A 0.000

    In addition, Republican candidates agree to close the US-Mexican border, increasing border patrols and continue building the racist wall and anarchist ''similar to Berlin "by a stretch of 2600 miles, never the control of pain and hope mostly had a specific action. Nor none has made a concrete proposal on how the new laws would be enforced. Whenever we are talking about new laws, not forget that we still have in the U.S. most of the laws of last century.

    1.- Mitt Romney, for example, said in the debate on the 2011 GOP National Security CNN program "amnesty" are magnets, emotional appeals, so the "illegal" keep coming to the United States. His proposal is to give an identification to those who arrive by legal procedures and require employers to demand a card for work, this reminds me the card or sheet that hung my pet, that's what you want....?

    The undocumented workers who recently arrived in the United States, Romney would tell them to leave, to return to their countries of origin. Those who have been over 5 years and have ties to the community, children in school and work, would be given a deadline to settle their affairs and then go back to their countries. But, said the candidate in the debate, those who came and got his Ph.D. in Physics (PhD), for example, those immigrants would be automatically accepted for the card.

    This policy called "selective immigration" has been and is applied in many countries, especially in some countries of Latin America in the nineteenth and twentieth century's and now in many European countries. It is a discriminatory policy that favors strict certain "quality" of immigrants and eliminates the immigrant "not-wanted".

    This is the same as in his time as governor left his state at # 47 with reference to the crisis. So as an economist and manager 0 +0 = 0, also stated that if Hispanics want handouts rather than work already have Obama.

    2.- Newt Gingrich, in the same debate, said that if immigrants were recent and had no ties to the community, would have become, it would be good to inform and clarify the exact relationships implied by the word in its full extent, cars, homes, businesses, children ...? and so on. ... ... However, if a family has resided for 25 years, has 3 children and two grandchildren, have paid their taxes, obeyed the law and belong to a local church, then it should not be forced to leave. In other debates, Gingrich talked about the idea of establishing local committees to decide if families were to remain permanently and should be sponsored by an American family. On the subject of ''committee' 'sounds like political committees revolutionary Cuba.

    Gingrich also favors immigration policy "selective" and E-Verify system to verify legal work that works "like a credit card," according to his own words.

    In order to summarize this Mr. Gingrich is the pointer to the same Republican leader said that those who speak Castilian or Spanish in America are people of the ghetto, in another statement also announced that the Palestinians have land and do not exist as a homeland. Good thing is an educated man and claims to have read a lot, my question is culture, history or what I read comics ... ..?

    3.- Rich Santorum, said in this debate who refused to discuss immigration reform at this time, describing the discussion as a "trap." "We will not discuss how to arrive but we do not want to enter as my father came and my grandfather, making sacrifices and no promises or government benefits. They came because they wanted to be free and because they were citizens who obey the law, "he said. Better not think much of this candidate because the truth would give credibility to the words of a Mr, which undoubtedly lies in his words the same trap to which he refers, type declarations of Barack Hussein Obama, say and say and end I do not know what I mean.

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