Paradigms Shift Slowly. Flouride Treatments Or Chocolate Treatments?

Top Quote We have forever considered chocolate to be a decadent food reserved for dessert. There is persuasive evidence that indicates chocolate may act as a prevention to periodontal disease. Tannins appears to be the agent responsible for this. This release is intended to have people question why chocolate is only for dessert. End Quote
    Quote"would you like a dental flouride treatment or a chocolate treatment?"Quote
  • West Palm Beach-Boca Raton, FL (1888PressRelease) April 21, 2008 - Monkeys found to be free of gum disease and tooth cavities. Kenneth Glander, past director of primate research at Duke University found 950 monkeys disease free in their oral cavities. (This needs to be appreciated as 70% of adults in the US have gum disease.) He found that they ate a diet low in sugar and high in green leafy vegetables. These vegetables were very bitter and contained large amounts of tannins.Tannins are astringent, bitter plant polyphenols that either bind and precipitate or shrink proteins. The astringency from the tannins is what causes the dry and puckery feeling in the mouth following the consumption of red wine, strong tea, or an unripened fruit.

    He then referenced the inhibition effect that tannins have on streptococcus mutans.(Streptococcus mutans is a Gram-positive, facultatively anaerobic bacteria commonly found in the human oral cavity and is a significant contributor to tooth decay.) The conclusion became clear. Tannins are healthy for periodontal disease and tooth cavities.

    Apricot 600-1000 ppm
    Berries (see below)
    Cherries (red)
    Currants, red and black
    Dates 200-18,000 ppm
    Eggplant 2000 ppm
    Kiwi 9,000 ppm
    Peach 8,000 ppm
    Persimmon, Hayachi
    Fuyu persimmons do not have tannins
    Pomegranate (juice) 17,000 ppm
    Alfalfa (herbal supplement base) 27,000 ppm
    Breads with barley flour (check ingredients!)
    Chocolate (Cacao bean) 75,400 ppm
    Carob 12,000 ppm (& carob bean gum)

    Chocolate is the food which contains more tannins than most others. It must be calibrated in its raw, unprocessed form. This is where most chocolate products have failed us. They have been cooked and have drenched natures wellness out of their product. However, there is a raw chocolate called XOCAI that is available and tastes great. Paradigms shift slowly. Chocolate for gum disease, what next?

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