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Optimo Defender Information
  • Optimo Defender
  • 12 Main street, Suite 1
  • Phone: 646 688 3079
  • URL: http://www.optimodefender.com
  • Optimo Defender is an ultimate antivirus software application that provides complete protection to your computer. Its provides world wide service and provide protection over lots of peoples around the globe.
Optimo Defender Press Release -


  • Optimo Defender Has Been Featured Among Outstanding Cyber-security Tools That Ensure Online Safety
  • Optimo Defender is your one stop solution to all your computer issues. It is a powerful antivirus software application that keeps your data safe and secure. Optimo Defender is user friendly antivirus software, it comes with unique feature to detect virus on a daily basis. It is a real time safeguard for PC. It comes with a 15-day trial edition and helps keep your PC safe.
  • Cyber-attacks are the most perilous threats, arising in computing world as most of the businesses do not want to have intrusion in their privacy. This ...
  • February 21, 2014