Ontic Group Launches Into 2018 With Bold Strategy Co-developed By New Partner

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  • (1888PressRelease) January 31, 2018 - Ontic Group, a premier consultative service that works with corporate, civic, vocational, and devotional leaders to expand and enhance their individual abilities and effectiveness, is pleased to announce the team’s latest addition, Edward Yaeger, as Partner.

    At Ontic, “expand[ing] and enhanc[ing] individual abilities and effectiveness” means challenging leaders and leaders-in-training to step up and own their interpersonal and relational realities both at home and at work. Ingenuity, inventiveness, creativity, strategic foresight, unique skill sets, tactical prowess, or what have you, are simply not enough when you’re expected to lead. And how does one learn to lead, let alone improve upon it?

    Enter Ontic.

    Ontic’s approach – under Founder, Alex Iverson, and now Partner, Edward Yaeger – is pragmatic, methodological, and heuristic. In simple terms, we work with clients: first within the scope of their organizational roles, and then quickly within the contexts of their careers and lives. Ontic means, “relating to reality.” We therefore focus on clients’ realities. And one’s reality can be as liberating as it is often tough to accept and confront.

    Over the past few months, Ontic has worked tirelessly to develop a strategy focusing on immediate impact, particularly among organizations undergoing change management with a clear need for function-wide assistance. “All too often we see people drowning, sometimes outright suffering, during periods of volatility. When managers suffer, their entire teams typically fall right in line with them. This doesn’t have to be the case,” says Iverson. “Volatility does not equal vulnerability. Volatility is external. Vulnerability is more internal. We work with clients to isolate the two, and then treat each accordingly, from one colleague to the next, organizationally-wide.”

    Ontic Group investigated just how pervasive and detrimental unprepared change management is. Whether it’s a result of multi-billion dollar mergers among industry titans, or of pivoting startups with roadmaps that are tenuous at best, so few businesses are prepared for the new economy. And the harsh truth is that the new economy is not so new anymore. So, exactly what are leaders and managers doing to equip themselves and their teams to not just survive but also thrive during increasing times of volatility? “We’re really examining these issues at their cores; and our insights thus far have been shocking,” notes Yaeger.

    Ontic Group’s discoveries under Iverson and Yaeger validate what the agency has been practicing all along, thus re-igniting the agency’s passion to empower its clients beyond individualized levels. In a climate in which we are all becoming singularized brands, influencers, key opinion leaders, etc., it has never been more imperative for leaders to be cognizant of and contributive to the ‘organisms’ in which we work and live. Not paying due attention to the latter is an easily avoidable pitfall, yet so many fail to do so for a multitude of reasons. “Edward gets this on many levels, challenging even the team at Ontic Group, myself included,” Iverson adds. “For this and so many other reasons, we’re thrilled to have him on our executive team.”

    Edward boasts over twenty years of experience charging various functions at startups and Fortune 500 companies alike, spanning industries and sectors that include technology, finance, healthcare, education, ecommerce, advertising and marketing, government, and major foundations. He is a contributing writer and blogger for publications, including Huffington Post and the Thought Catalogue. He is a former nationally-ranked triathlete and an All-American swimmer, having trained under internationally-recognized coach, James Ellis, on whom the widely-released feature-length film, Pride, was based. Edward holds a BA from Columbia, a MBA from NYU, and a MPA from Harvard. In his spare time, he is working toward completing a third graduate degree, in counseling and psychotherapy, at Northwestern.

    On behalf of Ontic Group, congratulations, Edward, and welcome!

    About Ontic Group
    Ontic Group provides leadership and professional development solutions rooted in business psychology that strengthen companies by putting the wellbeing of its people first and foremost. We believe that people are best able to achieve their goals (and discover that elusive feeling of purpose), when they are in pursuit of goals that are meaningful to them personally.

    The best functioning organizations not only accept the fundamental relational human needs of its people, but enthusiastically embrace them. Smart companies know that what happens in people's lives outside of the office absolutely impacts how they perform at work. These companies, therefore, empower managers to develop the kind of high-quality, humanistic relationships with their teams that are critical to professional and personal success.

    Ontic Group works with companies to transform their cultures by unleashing the drive, focus, and feeling of fulfillment that each one of us has experienced in our lives when striving for something that we care deeply about.

    To learn more, visit or call us at 917-881-6749.

    Ontic Group, based in London and New York City, has been working with leaders and managers within tech, finance, insurance, healthcare, education, retail, ecommerce, advertising and marketing, government, foundations, NGOs, and public service since 2014.

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