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  • Shaq
  • 17494 Hawthorne Blvd, Torrance 90504
  • Phone: 3107734113
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  • VGOD was established,in 2014,with a dedication of technical acuity for ingenuity and style. The VGOD Corporation includes the Leadership Team, Product Designers, Mixologists and the Elite TrickMasters.As a team, VGOD is compelled to embody and deliver a remarkable trifecta of art, lifestyle and premium quality products.
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  • VGOD unveils new PRO MECH2 Kit
  • VGOD launches it’s revolutionary vaping device – the all new PRO MECH2 Kit. PRO MECH2 has been evolved from its predecessor PRO MECH. The new MECH2 comes with a fresh stylish design, powerful battery and more innovative features.
  • Revolutionary TriConswitch is a breakthrough in mechanical tube mod design.

    America’s best-selling, # 1 Mech Mod, the PRO Mech by VGOD, ...
  • February 09, 2018