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Occupy Bozeman Information
  • Kurt Dally
  • Phone: (406) 548-5047
  • URL: http://occupybozeman.org
  • We are a group of people in Bozeman, Montana who

    support the aims and methods of the Occupy movement around the world
    gather regularly in public places in Bozeman for general assemblies
    organize actions around town to draw attention to inequalities and injustices perpetrated on the 99% and to try to make change in the system that perpetuates those injustices
    insist on equal participation, rely on consensus and respectful dialogue, and have no hierarchy or leaders.
Occupy Bozeman Press Release -


  • Montana Group Calls For Divestment From Wells Fargo
  • Occupy Bozeman to start campaign, picket to draw attention to harm caused by large bank
  • Occupy Bozeman, a Montana group in solidarity with the international Occupy movement, is calling on people to take their money out of Wells Fargo and ...
  • February 21, 2012