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  • Jacob Jarvis
  • URL: http://www.obd-tester.com/
  • Before we started our company we knew that many products and almost all of their associated accessories were manufactured in China. However we discovered that by the time the products reached us here in the US and other countries they had been stamped with a brand logo and marked up 500 to 1000% and more!
    OBD i, OBD ii, OBD 2, Scan Tools, Testers, Diagnostic Cables for BMW, Mercedes, Audi and other makes and models for automotive diagnostics!
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  • OBD-tester.com Launches New Website Selling Professional OBD Tools
  • OBD-tester.com launch a brand new website making it easier for people to acquire the OBD tools they require at a click of a mouse.
  • London - OBD-tester.com, one of the leaders in the supply of OBD tools for a wide selection of cars launch a brand new website with well priced produ ...
  • June 09, 2012