Nose Zit Proves Cancer Stinks, Saves Author's Life - Infinity Publishing's The Nose Saga: Cancer Stinks shares, warns, and inspires

Top Quote "Popping a pimple saved my life," says John F. Harnish, author and Special Projects Director for Infinity Publishing. In his new book, The Nose Saga: Cancer Stinks!!! with determined wit, he urges everyone who experiences a blemish or cut that refuses to heal, to seek medical advice - now. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) March 14, 2010 - West Conshohocken, Penn. - John F. Harnish originally ignored the telltale signs. Who would think a pimple could be life-threatening? The blemish in itself is not, but like millions of people, Harnish disregarded its healing process and it nearly killed him. "Being bluntly informed I was now-for the most part, noseless," writes Harnish; the doctor "went on to explain that it appeared the growth would have reached my brain in a matter of only a few weeks "

    Because the cancerous growth was hidden inside his nose and spreading, dermatologist, Dr. Ernie Benedetto, felt that better safe than sorry was in order. He eradicated the Cancer and most of the nose with it. Subsequently noseless for nearly 18 months, it would take three more doctors and more than a dozen surgical procedures to restore Harnish's nose.

    Readily admitting to the vanity that goaded him into popping a pimple, Harnish rues the nonchalant procrastination that kept him from seeking medical attention when the wound stubbornly refused to heal. But The Nose Saga: Cancer Stinks!!! ($19.95, is more than a journal of the horrific chaos of Cancer-it's an uplifting reminder that Cancer is not always fatal and a healthy attitude nurtured with humor is as important to survival as a skilled surgeon.

    "No one knows 'til their nose is gone," says Harnish, "how important a functioning nose is to breathing easily, eating, sleeping, smelling the roses, even sneezing presents particular problems." Not to mention public reaction to a noseless man. Harnish touts wolf-dog companion, Aurora, and his penchant for comfort food-MacDonald's burgers, fries, and gallons of Pepsi with lots of ice-for helping him endure the many months of restoration.

    Peppered with easy to understand medical information and heavily dosed with humor, Harnish describes several of the surgeries. His first restoration surgeon, Dr. David Bottger, of Delaware County Memorial Hospital, established a base on which two of the country's leading facial reconstruction surgeons would later continue the complex restoration process.

    Dr. Julia A. Spears, MD, FACS, and Dr. Amit Mitra, MD, MS, FRCS, FAC, assisted by a selected team of doctors and nurses at Hahnemann University (teaching) Hospital in Philadelphia, admittedly faced one of their most challenging cases in the concluding reconstruction phase of Harnish's olfactory organ.

    The Nose Saga: Cancer Stinks!!! ($19.95; 2010) is available at Infinity Publishing's e-commerce site, Buy Books on the Web ( or Infinity Publishing has more than 6,000 titles in print by approximately 4,000 authors.

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