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Top Quote Feeding a cable into an electric box always gives the challenge of how to best protect the valuable interior from the penetration of dust and liquids, which can be harmful to the electrical and electronics components inside. With NOBEL Cord Grips, an ideal solution is found, that combines: sealing liquid tight, providing strain relieve, with ease of installation. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) October 25, 2009 - Electronics and water, like oil and vinegar: they donít mix. So how can we best dust/liquid tight a cable feed through to prevent any liquids to interfere with our valuable electrical circuits or electronics.

    Our studies show the following solutions are used:

    Tip 1: Saddle Clamp: by tightening two screws, a bushing is pressed down on the cable
    Tip 2: Putty, an easy seal closing the hole, but does it hold?
    Tip 3: Tape, the fix it all solution, duct tape holds the world together, but does it seal?
    Tip 4: A liquid tight cord grip approved IP68 (1m in water, dust tight) NOBEL Cord Grip

    What do we favor?

    We favor the solution that holds its promise and serves the application not letting dust or liquids penetrate through the liquid tight feed trough: Liquid Tight Cord Grips. At times they are called: cable glands, strain relieves.

    With the usage of NOBEL Cord Grips we assure an IP 68 approved seal that close in 360 degrees, equally around the cable without pressuring the cable or conductors. In addition our Cord Grips provide strain relieve and fast and easy installation.

    A) We do not recommend Tape: No lasting liquid tight seal can be applied
    B) We do not recommend to use Putty because of aging and shrinkage
    C) We do not recommend the saddle clamp, because it pushes down on the cable and at parts damages the inner conductors.

    NOBEL Cord Grips are offered in a wide variety of different materials and configurations we can provide you with:
    - PA/Nylon Dome
    - Anodized Aluminum
    - Nickel plated Brass
    - Stainless Steel

    Cable installation made easy!
    Feed the cable through the inner bushing, tighten the dome and a liquid tight strain relive is achieved. For the needs of EMI shielding and special environments, we provide conform configured strain relieves

    Key to select the right liquid tight strain relieve is the cable OD. In our aim to help making such selection easy, please make use of the chapter 8 in the NOBEL Catalog which can be found on the internet.
    Why do the NOBEL Cord Grips come in different Threading?

    Commonly we differentiate three different thread cuts and offers solutions for those:

    NPT: National Pipe Thread
    PG: A still existing metric threat type that should have been replaced by the year 2000
    Metric: Thread cut that follows the metric norm (M12, M8 or other configurations)

    Based on applications there is an offering of Cord Grips with counter nut which can be used if the feed through hole has no thread cut.

    Check which NOBEL Cord Grip Fits Your Needs

    On our Website: you can find the best in the industry overview table to select which of the NOBEL Cord Grips fit you application. We sure have them in stock

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