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  • Nikola Valenti is making massive strides in the online jewelry industry with its unique marketing strategy. It is providing women with a unique opportunity to try the jewelry they like before buying one. Together with their 25-day trial period and seven-week program, the owners are hopeful that their idea won't go in vain.
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  • Nikola Valenti Launches NEW Free Jewelry Giveaway
  • Nikola Valenti has decided to gift free jewelry, from its inspired collection, to encourage buyers to learn more about the brand. Over 40k+ customers have responded positively, with 5-star reviews for this unique promotion, on Shopper Approved.
  • Plano, Texas - Women and jewelry are almost inseparable. According to a survey, 58% of women said that they would love if someone gifted them jewelry. ...
  • July 27, 2020