New, Non-Chemical Technology Introduced with 100% Effectiveness in Killing Bed Bugs and their Eggs: ThermaPureHeat®

Top Quote There is a bed bug epidemic again in North America with 1,000s of cases are being reported in hotels, college dorms and, of course, in houses and apartments. Until now, spraying toxic pesticides has been the treatment. Introducing ThermaPureHeat, a patented new green technology that uses heat to effectively kill bed bugs and their eggs. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) February 04, 2009 - VENTURA, CA – The old saying “Sleep tight don’t let the bed bugs bite” isn’t just an old wife’s tale. It’s true. Bed bugs have once again reached epidemic proportion in the United States with thousands of cases being reported from coast to coast and in Hawaii in houses, apartments, college dorms, luxury and standard hotels, cruise ships, aircraft and even taxis.

    Until now, pest control companies have relied upon toxic chemicals and powders that often have to be applied directly to mattresses, bedding and into structures often in multiple treatments, exposing people to potentially harmful chemicals. But now, a new, patented pesticide-free technology has been introduced that has proven 100% effective in laboratory and on-the-job testing: ThermaPureHeat® (

    “All organisms have a specific thermal death point. Bed bugs and their eggs die at sauna-like temperatures of around 130 degrees,” says David Hedman, CEO and patent holder of ThermaPureHeat. “Instead of using toxic chemicals, licensed ThermaPureHeat technicians direct heated air from clean burning commercial propane and/or custom-built infrared electric heaters to a single room or an entire structure where it penetrates into the cracks and crevices where bed bugs hide.”

    After just a few hours, the ThermaPureHeat treatment -- which is perfectly safe to both humans, the structure and its contents -- not only kills bed bugs and their eggs, but it also serves to effectively pasteurize the treated space by killing or neutralizing other biological organisms, including allergens and fungi.

    ThermaPureHeat can be applied to a single room or an entire structure. The beauty of heat versus other technologies is that no dangerous chemicals are placed into the structure. Instead, ThermaPureHeat penetrates the entire treated area, including all of the cracks and crevices where bed bugs may be hiding and where chemicals can’t effectively reach. Chemical treatments require direct contact on the bug and the eggs in order to be effective, which is why the toxic chemicals normally need to be applied multiple times. ThermaPureHeat has been independently tested and proven to be 100% effective with a single application.

    “The cutting-edge technology that will be the go-to solution in the future is heat,” says Richard Cooper, technical director of Bed Bug Central ( in New Jersey. “Relying on pesticides alone is not a wise thing. There’s (pesticide) tolerance, and severe resistance among bedbugs. Heat is the most efficient and effective way to address bedbugs in most structures.”

    Public Education Vital
    Experts agree, the number one reason for the rapid spread of bed bugs in the US is simply a lack of education and information. Poverty and poor hygiene are not the cause.

    “Bed bugs are indiscriminate. People are bringing bed bugs back with them when they travel for pleasure or take domestic and international business trips,” says Dr. Michael R. Linford, Ph.D., president of TPE Associates, which licenses the ThermaPureHeat technology to other companies in North America.

    A bed bug bite usually isn’t immediately visible on humans, which is why people might not even realize for several days or even weeks that they’ve been bitten. It normally takes multiple bites for skin to show signs of the attack.

    That’s why people are urged to check out their bedding at home and when they travel for any signs of bed bug presence. Look for bugs themselves, as well as any grouping of dark brown or black spots, including those that might smear slightly rather than wipe off with a damp washcloth.

    “Don’t assume that just because you are staying in a five-star hotel that the bed you’re sleeping in is free of bed bugs,” adds Hedman. “We’ve recently performed work for some very well-known hotels that have been impacted by this problem. Any traveler may unknowingly be carrying bed bugs or their eggs in their luggage or belongings. This problem certainly has nothing to do with the excellent way these properties maintain their rooms.”

    About ThermaPure
    ThermaPureHeat® is a patented, EPA-approved, non-chemical heat technology that when applied to a structure or portion of a structure by a trained technician kills insects, such as bed bugs, termites, cockroaches and their eggs, and improves the overall indoor air quality by eliminating allergens and odors. ThermaPureHeat has also been proven effective in sanitizing many species of mold, bacteria, parasites and viruses, and is often used to help repair flood or water damage.

    The ThermaPureHeat process is licensed by TPE Associates of Ventura, California to companies around the world. Currently, more than 40 companies throughout North America been granted licenses to use ThermaPureHeat.

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