New Jersey Red Bank area implant dentist Bruce Bilow learns innovative surgical procedures from renowned implantologist Dr. Leon Chen

Top Quote Monmouth County dentist Bruce Bilow travels south to learn new implant techniques from Dr. Leon Chen. Dr. Chen was the featured presenter at Dr. Arun Garg's Masters series implant seminars course given this June in Miami, Florida. Dr. Chen is an expert implantologist and has placed more than 20,000 implants in his career . End Quote
  • Monmouth-Ocean, NJ (1888PressRelease) July 06, 2008 - Dr. Leon Chen is founder and CEO of the Dental Implant Institue. Dr. Chen is world renowned for his development of the techniques of Hydraulic Sinus Condensing , Vertical Translation for Vertical and Horizontal Augmentation techniques. Through his Hydralic Sinus Condensing and Vertical Ridge Augmentation invention, he developed a 5-in-1 surgical procedure for complicated cases which allows a doctor to combine five surgeries, which previously took 16 months for the patient to heal, into one surgical visit that is less invasive, less painful, with a faster healing time of only four months, and the highest success rate. For ideal cases, Dr. Chen developed the 15 minute implant, which is performed using the special patentd drill he invented for this procedure. He revolutionized the field of implant dentistry, and through his inventions, has changed the dental textbooks on implants. Presently, Dr. Chen is focusing his efforts on Implant Complication Management.

    Monmouth County dentist Bruce Bilow attended the Masters series implant seminars in Miami Florida to learn new and exciting innovations in implant dentistry. When asked about implants Dr. Bruce Bilow states " dental implants can allow a patient to smile confidently and function at their highest level . I am always amazed at how appreciative patients with dental implants are. Dental implants can be used to replace a single lost tooth or to anchor an entire arch of teeth".

    A dental implant is the best tooth replacement available today. When trauma or disease takes away your tooth, a dental implant can be the most appropriate replacement treatment available . In the past , the most common replacement for a lost tooth was a fixed three unit bridge. Because a fixed bridge requires tooth removal on both teeth adjacent to a lost tooth , Dr. Bruce Bilow and many of his colleagues now consider this treatment a second choice to a dental implant. The goal of replacing a missing tooth is to create a new tooth that can look, feel and function as good or better than the lost tooth.

    Many Americans have lost more than one tooth and are miserable with their removable teeth. Full and partial dentures rarely replace the look, feel and function of a lost tooth or teeth. Great news for denture sufferers. Dental implants can be used to replace those lost teeth or used to anchor loose ill fitting dentures. The best part is you will be able to look good, feel confident and eat foods that you like again .

    Good and bad news about dental implants .

    The bad news for many people is the amount of bone lost after a tooth removal can make them poor candidates for dental implants. A dental implant needs to be held securely to the bone. After a tooth or teeth removal many patients lose bone height and width especially in the first six months to one year. Without sufficient bone, an implant cannot be placed ideally to recreate the look , feel and function of your lost tooth.

    Good news. Implants doctors such as Dr. Arun Garg and Dr. Leon Chen have worked tirelessly studying and developing techniques to recreate and grow lost bone . These innovative procedures will allow for more ideal placement of implants . Patients will be able to have teeth replacements that look, feel and function at the very highest level.

    When asked "what is a dental implant ?" Little Silver implant dentist Bruce Bilow always says " they are the best thing that has happened to dentistry ."

    Dr. Bruce Bilow maintains a family, cosmetic, implant and adult 6 month braces practice in Monmouth County Little Silver New Jersey. Visit his online site at or call 732-842-7010 for a complimentary consultation to see if you are a candidate for dental implants.

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