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Netserve China Information
  • He Zi Quan
  • Chen Yp Ind Building, Hong Kong
  • Phone: 12604081486
  • URL:
  • Computer and Server management company, with global ambitions.
    We started in 1997 and through sustained effort and development by the three directors, Mr. Wing Yuen Chan, He Zi Quan and Yang Guang Zhong, we have extended our global presence in USA Europe and here in Asia
Netserve China Press Release -

  • Netserv China started share purchase plan from Netserv Communication Inc Investors
  • In an effort to get a firm grasp in the US market, Netserv China is launching a program designed to absorb equity from Netserv Communications Inc., in the US, so that it can re-launch the defunct entity as a subsidiary of its own
  • As of Monday, October 15, 2018, Netserve China, a company incorporated in Hong Kong, with the registration number 0622009, has started an equity purch ...
  • November 13, 2018