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  • Arpit Khandelwal
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  • A web portal and a mobile-based app to facilitate sales. Through the app, you can manage your leads and make calls to prospects, follow up , send quotation even from the comfort of home. Real-time monitoring and analysis gives you full control of the conversions and lead management. The customizable script and call recording facility allows you to be in full control of what your team speaks to your prospect It has even integration with third party Softwares like zapier, Magic bricks, India bulls to push leads directly into the webportal . With NeoDove no leads gets wasted without full consideration. Use Neodove and improve your sales conversions
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  • NeoDove app helping automobile companies fight the sale slump during Covid times
  • The automobile sector globally was seeing a slump due to crude oil prices and other factors and with Covid-19, things have become worse. Most countries have announced a complete lockdown to fight this pandemic. In this trying time, there is one company - NeoDove which has found a unique app to help companies continue with their sales process
  • NeoDove technologies have found out a unique solution to help automobile companies fight this pandemic in India. With the recent lockdown, the automob ...
  • April 23, 2020