Nanorobot as Molecular-scale? A Nano Vivere Study

Top Quote The device is programmed to recognize a target on a cell surface; its drug payload secured within anchor strands of DNA. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) July 13, 2018 - Nano Vivere (ISIN: CN0024013913), a late stage clinical company, pioneering nanomedicine whose technology is based on proprietary technologies and patents, today announced that scientists, have developed a drug-delivering nanorobot that looks like an open-ended barrel.
    The exterior surface of the device is programmed to recognize a target on a cell surface, the drug payload is secured with anchor strands to the interior.

    The nanorobots track down specific cell types, thanks to their molecular latches. Those two strands of twisted DNA fragments, can be designed to react to a specific chemical marker, or ligand, on the surface of a particular cell type, such as those in a cancerous tumor.

    Double-stranded DNA latches ensure that the robot unlocks only in the presence of a molecular key expressed by the target cells, enabling the payload to attack only the designated cells. When they come in contact with that ligand, they bind to it and unfurl, allowing the device to open and release its contents.

    It is kind of like the space shuttle you can put any payload you want in it. What you use is going to depend on the application. The company head researcher said: “Nanorobots that fix tissues and control drugs have been envisioned for over 30 years. Now, using DNA origami and molecular programming, they are reality.”

    These devices, dubbed DNA nanorobots, are short hexagonal tubes made of interwoven DNA that can open along their length like a clamshell. At one end is a DNA hinge, and at the other, a pair of twisted DNA fragments that act as latches to hold the device shut. Inside the nanorobot, the scientists can enclose molecules of almost any substance, essentially turning it into a molecular traffic delivery truck? that can transport medication to specific cells in the body.

    “Our goal is to make tools that can zero in on malfunctioning cells he says. We want to be able to fix things when they break when cells go haywire due to cancer or other diseases where things just aren’t working correctly,” said the company head researcher.

    About Nano Vivere (ISIN: CN0024013913)
    Nano Vivere is a late stage clinical company, pioneering nanomedicine that is following its unique path: a new way to treat patients thanks to nanophysics delivered at the cell’s nucleus. The company’s technology is based on proprietary technologies and patents and Nano Vivere operates worldwide from the headquarters based in Guangzhou. Nano Vivere is led by a highly trained and distinguished team of experts who have demonstrated success in the combined fields medicine, biologics, neuroscience, and nanotechnology along with the specialized business development track record requisite for the launch of cutting-edge medical technologies.

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