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  • Wazid Khan
  • STPI Building MNNIT Teliyarganj, Prayagraj UP
  • Phone: 91-9870635001
  • URL:
  • Nadcab Technology is MLM software development company in India who provides the direct selling software to business & we provide custom MLM compensation plan.NADCAB TECHNOLOGY is a renowned mobile app development company & the best IT Software Solutions provider based in New York, USA & India,. Apart from this, we also have sales offices in California, USA & Dubai, UAE.
Nadcab Technology Press Release -

  • Nadcab Technology Lays the Foundation for a Comprehensive Tokenization Platform
  • Tokenized assets are often transferred instantly and directly between the parties, with their ownership recorded on a decentralized and universally accessible ledger.
  • Nadcab Technology announces the launch of Tokenization Platform Prayagraj, UP

    Nadcab Technology is excited to announce the launch of To ...
  • September 03, 2020
  • Nadcab Technology has initiate its journey in the Equity Token Offering Development (ETO)
  • Equity financing for a new company is a common practice of diluting stocks to increase capital. The traditional method is for existing shareholders to dilute the company so that new investors can raise capital several times.
  • Nadcab Technology announces the launch of ETO Development Prayagraj, UP

    Nadcab Technology is excited to announce the launch of Top Equi ...
  • September 02, 2020
  • STO Exchange Announced by Nadcab Technology
  • The Nadcab Technology Security Token Exchange development team is committed to creating an exchange protected by state-of-the-art security features. We will build a complete, reliable and secure place for users to create their own exchanges.
  • Nadcab Technology announces the Launch of Best STO Exchange.Prayagraj, UP

    Nadcab Technology is excited to announce the launch of Securi ...
  • August 30, 2020
  • Nadcab Technologies new move into STO
  • Nadcab Technology recently announced the company's intention to launch a security token offering (STO) development service.
  • Nadcab Technology Announces the Launch of Top STO (Security Token Offering) Development Service Prayagraj, UP

    Nadcab Technology is exc ...
  • August 28, 2020