Naam Yoga-A Celebration Of Health And Happiness-A "New" Type Of Yoga Is Stealing The Hearts Of Individuals All Around The World

Top Quote Say good-bye to static postures and prolonged periods of concentrated silence and hello to Naam Yoga--a celebration of the Word and the healing vibration it carries for all of humanity. End Quote
  • New York, NY (1888PressRelease) July 15, 2010 - Actually, Naam Yoga isn't new at all. It merely does what no other yoga has done, merging ancient Eastern and Western healing practices into one streamlined experience of happiness, healing, and joy. It was developed by Joseph Michael Levry who has spent his entire life travelling to distant lands, cultures, and mystic backgrounds in search of humanity's ultimate healing modalities. He has gifted New York with Universal Force Healing Center-a not-for-profit yoga/healing center where not only New Yorkers, but students from all over the world are coming to drink in the "Naam" and share in the spirit of community.

    Through ancient healing practices presented in fun and practical ways, Naam Yoga allows each student to have a personal experience of their own healing potential. Those who practice Naam report feeling calmer in stressful situations and a renewed sense of joy in their lives. "Every single time I have gone to a Naam Yoga class, my life has been profoundly affected. I have never experienced anything, so consistently, in just an hour and a half, to open my eyes to the best in me. Judgment and fear falls away." --Elizabeth, Naam Yoga Student

    How is this possible? Naam Yoga draws extensively upon the science of Naad, a process whereby certain sounds and permutations of syllables stimulate chemical changes in the brain. The various sections of the brain communicate through neurotransmission fluids, not nerve connections, and therefore it is the altering of the brain's fluids that gives us the subtlety to change our thoughts, feelings, and ultimately, our actions. Without the proper fluids, the brain has no 'wiring', and as humans we experience this in a myriad of ways-depression, anxiety, confusion, fatigue, and stress to name a few.

    Naam Yoga classes can be adapted to people of all levels and ages. Teachers are volunteering in hospitals, child-care facilities, and programs for the elderly. Gary Barrero, for instance, is a Naam Yoga student/teacher who has been working with senior citizens at the Elliot Community Center in Chelsea, NY for over two years. The students sit in chairs and do various sound work, breath work, and physical movements. Gary says, "I am blessed to work with these teachings, and when I come here, seeing how happy it makes everyone, it fills my heart with joy to know the power and purity of this yoga is touching their lives." One student, who wishes to remain anonymous, said, "This class for me is excellent. It gives me energy and feelings of peace long after class."

    Naam Yoga works very closely with the laws of rhythm that stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system-that part of our nervous system that allows us to relax and feel at peace. These rhythms are reflected in the music used throughout the classes which is produced by Mr. Levry himself and sold by his company, Rootlight, Inc. Gloria Truppi, Naam Yoga student/teacher and Visual Arts teacher for NYC Department of Education, says, "I have taken the music into the classroom playing it continuously in the background. The children are always telling me how much they love it. They have become more focused, alert, calm, and produce amazing, beautiful pieces of art."

    Mr. Levry and the Naam Yoga Teacher Training Team travel extensively throughout the U.S., and to Mexico, Switzerland, Israel, Germany, Brazil, and Spain, giving Naam Yoga lectures, classes and trainings. "The time has come for the world's various healing techniques to be shared in the spirit and service of helping humankind." --Joseph Michael Levry

    In addition to developing Naam Yoga and establishing Universal Force Healing Center, Joseph Michael Levry is also president of Rootlight, Inc., a publishing, production, and consulting company that produces sacred music and books that reflect the sacred teachings of various mystic backgrounds. He has also developed Harmonyum, a transcendental healing system that allows the subconscious mind to release deeply rooted negative patterns that are not beneficial to one's overall health and happiness.

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