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  • MySendMail is a time-saving, universal email server solution for people constantly on the move. Setting up MySendMail is totally Free and it works with any device and internet connection. So whether you are travelling, or entering Wi-Fi Zones on a Pda, Laptop, Desktop or Smartphone, there is no need of changing the email server settings.
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  • MySendMail's Free SMTP Server paves a Way out Of Dud, Irregular Emailing
  • The global village connects on emails. Professional dealings, personal exchanges, advertizing blurbs, product promotions, emails figure everywhere. To stay connected round the clock, if anything is a pivotal call.
  • Manifesting the premise for anytime-anywhere emailing, MySendMail has come up with a free SMTP server which doubles for the outgoing server on a user' ...
  • August 26, 2011
  • Mysendmail's new SMTP server makes emailing on the go simple and sweet
  • Mysendmail, a subsidiary of the 2005-established internet brand, Uno Communications, has come up with a SMTP service that promises flawless emailing anywhere, on any device.
  • Realizing that emailing on the move throws up several nags, Mysendmail has introduced a new server that makes emailing on the go refreshingly differen ...
  • August 09, 2011