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  • Nigerian Author writer and Poet. Myne Whitman is the author of A Heart to Mend. Three words for me, friendly, caring and fun-loving. I have been a teacher, NGO consultant, banker, skate-hire attendant, researcher and government worker.

    After a postgrad degree and a few years in Edinburgh, I now live in Seattle with my husband. A Heart to Mend is my first novel.
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  • Debut Novel, A Heart to Mend, Wins Awards for Author Myne Whitman
  • Released in December 2009, the novel which started life as a series of excerpts shared on the author's blog has brought only accolades in its wake.
  • Since its release, A Heart to Mend has appeared in the top twenty West African Books on the Amazon Kindle Bestseller list. Reports from the publisher ...
  • August 01, 2010