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  • Lindsey OConnell
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  • My Owl Pal is a company that is creating a children's book and plush owl toy to assist in teaching young learners basic foundational skills. It is like Elf on a Shelf for LEARNING! It is a new company and we would love your support!
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  • An Elf on the Shelf for learning: Cincinnati mom launches Kickstarter project for My Owl Pal
  • This incredible book and plush toy will help motivate young learners gain basic foundational skills needed to be ready for kindergarten. It's makes learning fun for children and easy for parents and/or teachers! This product is a great gift for anyone who has children ages 1-6 or teaches preschool or kindergarten.
  • Worried your child is not prepared for preschool or kindergarten? You are not alone.

    A survey of 518 kindergarten teachers by Age of L ...
  • September 25, 2016