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  • My Guy Solutions, LLC believes that a professional website is a fine blend of technology and creativity. Our hardware, our software, our design techniques %u2013 all current, all cutting-edge, all beneficial to you. We leverage these tools to develop the right experience to meet user and business goals for interfaces ranging from websites to desktop applications, browser plug-ins, mobile applications, kiosks, and touch-screens. Every project we create is 100% customized and hand-coded from the ground-up by our in-house team of developers. Our projects meet the exact specifications, objectives and budget. No cookie-cutter templates; no out-of-the-box solutions.
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  • The Powerful All-in-One Marketing and Sales Platform 'Kinesto' Launches Today
  • Upgrade the way your run your business by providing accountability through a centralized platform to run your business. No need to sync up as an organization because everything is available from a single tool.
  • My Guy Solutions, LLC has announced the launch of Kinesto (, everything you need to run a business in a powerful all-in-one pl ...
  • February 07, 2017