Must have addition to a cookbook shelf as Vegan recipes become the new nouveau cuisine for planet and health

Top Quote Veganism became a mainstream trend this year. More demand, new products, greater interest, even world banks, governments and world health organisations agree it's a good idea to go vegan at least once a week. A new book out for Christmas makes a healthy vegan diet so easy it seems normal. End Quote
    QuoteThere's no doubt we need more fruit and veg and less saturated animal fat in our diet - this book can help make your meat free day delicious and funQuote
  • (1888PressRelease) December 17, 2009 - A last! A book this Christmas that makes vegan seem so easy you wonder what all the fuss was about and run out of excuses not to adopt a diet that is kinder to the planet, people and health. It's no longer "why?" - it's "why not?"

    The Complete Book of Vegan Cooking brings an audible sigh of relief to people thinking "where do I start?".

    New vegan restaurants from London to Glasgow blow away the cobwebs of preconception and delight the palate with culinary ingenuity.

    More vegan products have been launched this year than ever before, The Vegan Society's registration office has had to take on new staff to cope with extra demand and a big percentage of The Vegetarian Society's new approved products are vegan, from Plamil chocolate to Lush cosmetics.

    Google online trends reveal a steady increase in both interest and news on vegan issues and where there was one lonely Vegan festival in London now there are regular vegan festivals in London and all major cities throughout the UK. Brighton, Bristol, Manchester, Birmingham, Reading, Liverpool, Nottingham.

    Every premiere has A-list celebrities shouting about how a Vegan diet is the solution to avoid environmental catastrophe and plagues of preventable chronic disease. This reached a crescendo when Paul McCartney and his family gathered their celebrity friends to launch Meat Free Monday urging us to try it just for one day a week.

    Now governments, health promotion agencies, education authorities even world banks and economic experts are coming to the conclusion that Donald Watson, the founder of veganism in 1944, was right.

    This is all very well but it's still frightening for many people raised on cheese, meat and two veg.

    The Complete Book Of Vegan Cooking - Everything You Need to Know About Going Vegan, from Choosing Ingredients to Advice on Health and Nutrition - with recipes chosen by Vegan Author Tony Bishop-Weston and invaluable health advice by leading UK Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston makes it all seem so simple it seems normal.

    Viva! Chef Jane Easton the Tofu Queen says “It's great to see a UK-focused Big Book of Vegan Cookery on the scene at last. It's kind of a vegan Good Housekeeping. If you are new to vegetarianism and veganism, this would be a great place to start - it will give you vital information that is easy to understand as well as teaching you to cook some gorgeous food.”

    The odds of a vegan dinner guest are higher than ever before in history, so this cookbook is an essential part of your kitchen library if you want to avoid Stella McCartney, Natalie Portman or Leona Lewis thinking you are a food racist.

    The Complete Book of Vegan Cooking is the simple, easy first step to a new more ethical, healthier, more sustainable and environmentally friendly way of living.

    • Hardcover - full colour: 256 pages
    • Publisher: Lorenz Books
    • ISBN-10: 0754818438 ISBN-13: 978-0754818434
    • RRP £16.99 but available online for around £11.00

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