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  • Gregory Chang
  • MI Institute China TYG Center Tower B, Suite 2006 East Third Ring Road #2B, Chaoyang District Beijin
  • Phone: 86 (10) 8446-4189
  • URL: http://www.miinstitute.info
  • The Multiple Intelligences (MI) Institute is committed to the understanding and application of Multiple Intelligences Theory in educational settings, from pre-school through adult education. Through our online course and support channels, face to face professional development, consulting services, and curriculum and resource development offerings, we support programs and educators seeking to tap into this powerful theory and pedagogical framework to create and provide learner-centered, goal-driven applications of MI Theory in any learning context. Please visit our website www.miinstitute.info for more information.
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  • Julie Viens Interviewed By Popular Chinese Websites
  • Beijing, China. On June 2nd, Julie Viens, Manager Director of Multiple Intelligences Institute, was interviewed by popular Chinese websites "Yaolan.com" and "Redmama.com".
  • During the interview conducted by Hong Hai Zi, Julie introduced the research process and historical practice of Multiple Intelligences (MI) as a respo ...
  • July 09, 2010