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  • Diana Glazyrina
  • Moscow
  • Phone: 9166929609
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  • Moscow Department of Inrormation Technologies. The department is developing digital products to improve life in Moscow and universal digitalization. The company has success in the field of e-government services.
Moscow Department Of It Press Release -

  • Moscow launched an online service due to which 30,000 new trees will appear in the city
  • An online service for parents was launched in Moscow, which allows planting a tree in honor of a newborn child. Parents, using an interactive map, will be able to choose a place, time and type of tree. Thanks to the service, more than 30,000 new trees will appear in Moscow.
  • This autumn, around 30,000 trees will be planted in protected natural areas in honour of newly-born Muscovites. According to Moscow’s Department of In ...
  • July 02, 2019