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  • Haakon Langaas Lageng
  • Karihaugveien 89, Oslo, Norway
  • Phone: 47 94 00 83 00
  • URL:
  • About MonkeyBin Studios
    MonkeyBin Studios consists of two exceptionally hard working domestic monkeys with a passion for coding games and several freelance monkeys that help us with graphics, music and coding. All in all we are a complete team of app creator extraordinairs, giving it all for the coolest indie company this side of the atlantic ocean. Yeah.. It really is cold up here.

    But, why? It is all about passion and fun. As developers we could take on contract work, and be happy with a fat paycheck every month or so. Then again, we are these creative spirits that also know how to code. So one day, we took a left at that street sign that said "Independent Game Developers - This way", an
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